letters to the editor: Pandemic, Board of Health power questioned

Those who fail to understand the chess game of politics and history eventually become the pawns of others. What we are witnessing is the systematic follow “government” and rise of the corporation in the United States and around the world. Every major event is a step in the latter to achieve that end.

Now we are told to “follow” an unelected board (Knox County Board of Health) that invades on our personal liberties “for the better good?”

COVID has just rung in the latter and that is why there is a deliberate attempt on the mixing of all the word play. We should stop calling it quarantine; this is a word used for people that are verified sick. This is a house arrest mandated by the Knox County Health Department.

Stop calling it social distancing. There is nothing social about forced isolation. We should stop calling it “safer at home” when many people don’t have basic necessities antiquate for their basic needs. It assumes that everyone at home is equally as safe as the Knox County Board of Health (KCBH), who are making the statements. We should stop saying “this is for the greater good.” We closed the economy killing millions of businesses that took, in some cases, generations to establish.

This is anything but good. Stop saying this is the New Normal. That is blatant mind control. There is nothing normal about forced isolation; treating your neighbors like they have the plague or breathing your own bodily fluids; treating children as pawns and keeping them out of school. Crazy!

If the virus is so deadly, why hasn’t it wiped out the homeless who don’t social distant and don’t have access to normal hygiene or a sterile environment? Last year 1.5 million died of tuberculosis. Why were you not wearing a mask during the tuberculosis pandemic? We were endangering millions of others around Knoxville, the United States and the world. Why were we not told to wear a mask then? I guess the mainstream media didn’t tell us to wear a mask?

The truth is when 1.5 million people died of tuberculosis pandemic it was no more serious then the COVID “pandemic.”

What is really going on here? We are being asked to “trust government” when “We the People” know instinctively what is best for our health of ourselves and our families.

If there is a real pandemic, does it really require faulty virus models, rigged test results with 81 percent false positives? Does it require inaccurate news reporting, censored social-media-faked hospital overruns and manipulated death certificates? Does it require rules for the masses and no rules for the government? Nope!

When government shuts down millions of small businesses, but doesn’t layoff any government employees, it’s not about COVID or your health. When a state bans dentist from practicing but deems abortion clinics essential, it is not about your health.

If the KCBH believes that toilet paper, hand sanitizer and masks are going to protect the public from the boogey monster coronavirus, they are a special kind of stupid. Letting them keep power is another special kind of stupid. Ask yourself a couple of basic questions: When did you consent (to go) from your government serving you to the government ruling over you?

I come from a Blue state. Government is best the governs least. Don’t be fooled. KCBH needs to be stripped of as many powers as possible.

Steve Gerber,