letters to the editor: Reader claims Trump win, cites ‘bogus’ mail-in ballots

Fellow Republicans: the next four years looks pretty dark for all Americans. We will begin to feel the “crunch” in a few short months. All we can do is support our beloved President (Donald) Trump until the 2024 Presidential Election and get rid of the coming “tax and spend” liberal party.

However, there is still hope. The “bogus” mail-in ballots were very fraudulent for the most part with different signatures and dead people voting. … President Trump detected that a plot might occur with the introduction of these mail-in ballots.

So … if this election goes to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court throws out all of the “mail-in” ballots because of their invalidity … and the only ballots to be counted are from voters who personally voted in person, the election will go to President Trump by a landslide.

I sure did not like standing in a two-block line for four hours to vote, but I thought it was my duty. My neighbor bragged about just dropping their vote in their mailbox. I asked her if she knew about the (President-elect Joe) Biden-planed “lockdown?” She replied that she had heard nothing on the news about that.

Of course they listened to the “fake news” of NBC, CBS and ABC. … Which reminds me, I will not tune into ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN anymore and only get the news that they want me to hear … not all the news.

Jack Ferrell