5G antenna a Farragut Primary School concern

This is an update to our community on the status of 5G millimeter wave radiation antenna and poles now undergoing installation in Farragut, especially the unit directly opposite Farragut Primary School!

On Jan. 16, 2020, despite dozens of citizen objections the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission essentially passed the installation of the first 11 (of what I fear will be dozens, if not hundreds) 5G millimeter wave radiation-pulsing antenna across Farragut, including the one about to be erected in front of the primary school and two already in the ground on Sonja Drive behind Farragut Intermediate and (Farragut) High School.

The Farragut MPC standard response remains: they “had no choice due to TN Public Chapter 819,” which was written by cellular industry lobbyists and almost unanimously passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2018 without questioning the safety of the technology. Farragut MPC absolutely had a choice not to approve these on the first reading.

Although I do not live in Farragut proper, I regularly shop, dine and conduct business in Farragut. Last week I was truly disturbed to learn of the installation of the tower of my deepest concern. If you were caught in the traffic due to the northbound Campbell Station Road turn lane closure in front of Farragut Primary School – this was the preparatory activity to install a 5G cellular millimeter wave radiation-pulsing unit immediately opposite the primary school.

To date, I have found no evidence of independent long-term safety data studies of this type of radiation near children. What is widely available is a body of scientific concern and skepticism about this unproven exposure to humans, especially children.

If you are a staff member or the parent of a child at Farragut Primary School, you need to be aware this technology is being installed feet away from the primary school and your child.

Every person who interacts with FPS needs to be alert and aware; and if opposed, contact the Farragut MPC, Gov. Bill Lee and state Rep. Jason Zachary (R-District 14) and ask them to create legislation to protect our homes and schools from this type of radiation.

Best of luck to all who are exposed.

Marla Stair-Wood