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• Last week’s Letter (to the Editor) from Steve Garber comparing the local response to (tuberculosis) and COVID is totally absurd. According to the CDC, the total recent cases of TB across the United States has been less than 10,000 persons per year, with less than 1,000 deaths per year, versus maybe 15 million cases (of COVID-19) and approaching 300,000 deaths already without the full year. This comparison is just absolutely ludicrous that he makes.

• Fifty cents for a stamp? That’s outrageous! (or is it?) Consider that from the time you put it into the mail stream until it arrives at its destination, from 10 to 30 postal workers have “touched” it, either physically or helping it on its way: letter carriers, mail handlers, clerks, truck drivers, airport personnel and techs who maintain the machines that process your mail.

If it still seems pricey, ask your neighbor if they mind dropping off your correspondence to your mom in Phoenix or your kid in Baltimore or even someone in West Knoxville. Not for 50 cents – they won’t do it, don’t ask. We have a great crew in Farragut, in spite of how we treat them. They are courteous, helpful and get us in and out as quickly as possible. Be kind – it doesn’t cost us anything.

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