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• Based on what I’ve read in the past two issues of the farragutpress, it is becoming more and more apparent that the elected officials of Farragut and the attorney of the Town of Farragut (Tom Hale) are serving their own personal agendas and priority projects. The Town attorney has come out and said he will only talk to the attorneys of people who have concerns, questions and soforth concerning how the Town of Farragut was proceeding with things. So, apparently I guess he’s too good to talk to the average person (representing) taxpayers who live in Farragut. No wonder there is a definite, concerted effort for a recall of our elected officials going on in Farragut — and based on what I have seen on Facebook, e-mail, and conversations with neighbors, there’s a lot of people behind it. Our elected officials need to wake up and start paying attention — they serve the people, not themselves.

(Editor’s Note: farragutpress is unaware of any organized effort to have a recall vote for anyone currently elected to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen).