Virtual Farragut meetings maybe to summer: mayor

With the ongoing surge of COVID-19 cases, Gov. Bill Lee issued four Executive Orders Sunday, Dec. 20, including EO 71, allowing local governing bodies in Tennessee to continue meeting electronically.

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams said he was “pleased but not surprised” by the governor’s actions, which came while the state was listed as No. 1 in the nation for COVID-19 per capita infections.

“We all are thankful that Gov. Lee has extended his Executive Order for virtual meetings for everyone’s safety,” Williams added.

A handful of Farragut residents have railed against virtual meetings, both through e-mails sent to Town officials and on social media.

Williams said it might continue into the summer months, though vaccines are being rolled out in waves. A timetable is unknown when enough people will be able to receive the vaccines in order to, by decreasing COVID-19 cases, lessen state and local restrictions.

Town meetings are broadcast live on Charter channel 193 and TDS channel 3, and broadcasts for both BOMA and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission have been live on the Town’s YouTube channel.

More Executive Orders

Gov. Lee also issued Executive Order No. 70 (effective through Tuesday, Jan. 19), which limits public gatherings to less than 10 (not including churches, weddings and funerals), encouraged employers to allow employees to work from home if at all possible, and limited high school sporting attendance to immediate family, coaching staff/personnel, first responders and media representatives.

Executive Order No. 73 extends the State of Emergency, while EO 72 allows continuation of remote notarizations and witnessing of documents.