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• Having been proud to live in Farragut for many years, I am appalled that our Town has resorted to nothing better than a bar and food truck restaurant in the center of Town square. In the recent KNS article, it was mentioned that people need a place to take their children after a ballgame. Really? To a bar? We drink wines and beers ourselves, but there are ample places for this.

We have so many fast foods and average restaurants: too many pizza and hamburgers places; Mexican and (Asian) restaurants, but hardly any above-average restaurants. Question: why can a Town as wealthy as Farragut not support at least one or two upscale restaurants? This is what is lacking (even before COVID). It appears that we are becoming more of a casual rather than an upscale community. If a brewery is added, as planned, parking will certainly become an issue in this location, if not before then.

• Tonight (Sunday, Jan. 3) I noticed on Twitter that Shop Farragut liked a tweet backing up our two Republican Senators’ vote on the Constitutional stand of not accepting the vote from the States of Joe Biden winning the Presidency.

This note is not concerning who you support or your personal political leanings. Each person is granted the right to vote and believe as they wish, but Shop Farragut should not in any way offer any political opinion. They are partially dependent on funds from Farragut to exist, and exist to aid small business in Farragut, not to further someone’s personal political agenda.

Shop Farragut should never like, tweet, Facebook, message or offer a political opinion. Shop Farragut does not represent my political point of view or yours, Republican or Democrat.

To “like” anything that does not build business in Farragut. (It) is not the job or essentially the purpose of Shop Farragut. This is not the first offense. It is one of many. As someone who has contributed to Shop Farragut in the past and certainly will never again do so, I find this “like” most unlikable and feel that the Shop Farragut board should take a good, hard look at this and think hard about their leadership.

Shop Farragut has done many wonderful things for the Town.

But they crossed a line here.