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Securing Playground grant is Town’s latest ‘great’ move

The Town of Farragut is known for many things: great people, great schools, great parks and great dining and shopping. One of my desires is for our Town to be known as a place that is welcoming and accommodating for those with disabilities.

Over the past couple of years, we have taken on many projects that have further expanded our handicapped-accessible facilities. Most recently, we have upgraded our Anchor Park amenities, making it much easier for those with disabilities to access and enjoy them.

A few years ago, I proposed the addition of an all-inclusive playground. This kind of playground combines welcoming elements for people with disabilities, as well as features that someone without limitations could enjoy.

Conceptually, the project was received well by the Board, though up until recently the lack of funding made it seem like a distant dream.

However, about six months ago, Sue Stuhl found a grant opportunity through the BlueCross BlueShield Foundation. She made it very clear that getting a grant for this type of playground would be very difficult, but she and her staff worked diligently to get the grant request submitted.

Fast forward six months and the news came back that Farragut was awarded an all-inclusive, multi-generational playground!

I can’t say enough about what an amazing job Sue and her team did in securing this grant! The new playground will be built directly behind Farragut Town Hall.

The existing parking lot and property are flat and easily accessible, making it the perfect location for this type of playground.

Highlights include:

• A swing area that includes two zero G Inclusive swings, a tot seat, an expression swing and two belt seat swings, plus:

• merry-go-all

• ground-level musical play

• climbing elements

• whirlwind seat

• sensory cove

• slides

The playground will also include a Thrive 450 fitness station for ages 13 and up and a pavilion with four picnic tables.

The news that Farragut will soon have a wonderful new playground is a great way to start the new year, particularly for those who have been needing a space like this.

Regardless of what 2021 brings, we want to be known as a Town that looks out for every resident regardless of their age or abilities.