Donations record for Festival of Lights at The Cove

The recently concluded Holiday Festival of Lights at The Cove at Concord Park set a record for non-perishable food items donated — enough to fill 16 barrels. A total of $7,428.49 in cash also was donated. This most recent collection benefits The Love Kitchen in East Knoxville.

This 22nd annual event began the first week in December and concluded Sunday, Jan. 3. The previous year’s festival, which set the previous record, raised $7,677 and filled 12 barrels.

“In a year with so much uncertainty and strife, it is so rewarding to see this kind of generosity come from one of our longest running Knox County traditions,” Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said.

“These donations are evidence that even in the worst of times, we can pull together to support each other.”