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• What a great idea, and plea, for writing appreciation letters to healthcare workers and support staff (story, page 1A, Jan. 21 issue). From the pulmonologist to the maintenance worker, they all deserve our support and appreciation during COVID-19.

We all have extra hours at home, so let’s stuff the green mailboxes at the Farragut Community Center or Town Hall. I’ve been retired from teaching for 30 years, and I still re-read, and treasure, that assortment of thank you letters from the students. It was included in the highlights (recently) of previous in-operation addresses. And JFK said, “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This is the smallest gesture to reach out and care.

• This is in response to Brenda Miller’s Letter to the Editor (Opinion Page, 4A, Jan. 21 issue). In it she referenced Navid Keshavarz-Nia’s declaration in the Georgia complaint of Sydney Powell. I wanted to point out that declaration has been completely debunked; and if it had any merit it would be been considered in the court of law instead of dismissed in the same court of law.

• I do not agree with the proposed change (to dissolve Knox County Board of Health) by the County Commission. I would prefer to keep it just as it is, depending on the wisdom of a medical advisory board. (Such an advisory board wouldn’t be a complement to the Board of Health, it would replace it; it would assist Dr. Martha Buchanan, Knox County Health Department Senior director, who would make the same decisions the 10-person Board, of which she is a member, make).

• A letter by Brenda Miller that appears in the Jan. 21 edition of the farragutpress needs to be fact-checked. Ms. Miller states Sydney Powell has hard evidence of 450,000 ballots for (now President Joseph) Biden from key states that were fraudulent and had no (inaudible). Her next sentence states “experts claim this would be mathematically impossible.” Let’s examine Knox County results from this past November: there were 3,477 more votes cast for President than for the Senate race. Now let’s look at Tennessee’s official results: 94,090 more people cast votes for President than compared with the Senate race. The bulk of the battleground states didn’t even have Senate races. So let’s examine Congressional races in our state: there were 212,107 more votes cast for President than for Tennessee Congressional races. Is Sydney Powell or Brenda Miller claiming there was fraud in Tennessee? So, 450,000 ballots in six states is not really a (inaudible) compared to Tennessee. No wonder the courts threw out these shoddy lawsuits. It’s a well-known fact that people cast votes for President and ignore down-ballot races. It is a common occurrence that does not signify voter fraud. It happens in both Red and Blue states.

• I would like to see Knox County Board of Health dissolved, and in its stead create an advisory board. We can create more accountability for voters by making one person, in this case (Dr. Martha) Buchanan, personally responsible for County health decisions.

• I think we need to keep the Health (Board) as it is. In these times we certainly need the knowledge of people who have knowledge.

• With regard to the Letter to the Editor in the Jan. 21 issue, I cannot believe that you published such trash. It’s stupid, it’s just trash.

• So the election that gave our former president (Donald Trump) the presidency was not rigged? But the election he lost was rigged? How convenient — how childish and immature. If manipulation of our elections is wrong, and it certainly is, why are his supporters not willing to accept, by his efforts, to change the Georgia election results? It’s time to move forward.

• The (Knox County) Health Board, leave it as is. Trying to change it is a power grab attempted by Mayor (Glenn Jacobs). It just means he’s a far, far, far-right Republican. We need an independent board of 10 people. Just one person can’t control everything.