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• I am calling about the County Board of Health. We need to keep the Board of Health intact. If we do not keep this independent Board in place, as it is, every health decision will be made only on the basis of politics. We need the Board, and we need it to be kept the way it is. We need health experts, and people with knowledge about health issues and how it impacts our citizens, to be in charge of these decisions.

• As a long-time Farragut citizen, I’ve always been in favor of a Town Center. From the many people I’ve talked with, both at church and around Town, they’re also in support of this, a Town Center. The problem is that they will not e-mail in positive comments to the Town Comment section because it requires a name and address — and they are in fear of retaliation from the radical group opposed to the Town Center and apartments.

• At the Biddle Farm Rally Sunday (Jan. 24) at (Mayor) Ralph McGill Park at the Campbell Station Inn, which was hosted by Farragut Citizens For Responsible Growth & and Development, a good point was made that since March of 2020, our First Amendment right to redress our government has been violated by the Mayor (Ron Williams) and Aldermen. Alderman Scott Meyer said our First Amendment rights have not been violated because we can text e-mails to the Mayor and Aldermen. That is not what the First Amendment says. It says we have the right to redress our government face-to-face; it doesn’t say we send a letter by Pony Express — Pony Express didn’t exist yet, and neither did e-mail or the Internet. … (Editor’s Note: Tom Hale, Town of Farragut attorney, has repeatedly said Town officials have not violated any ordinances or laws in how they’ve handled the gathering and evaluation of citizens’ comments and feedback. Hale also has said he welcomes speaking with any attorney representing any citizen or group who has a different legal interpretation of this situation).

• Town of Farragut, can we do something about an illegally parked Jeep marked for sale (in Town)? … It’s been there all month. I’ve almost hit it several times coming around the corner there, and I can’t be the only one. The owner should park that vehicle in their driveway, not out on the street so close to the curb.