Heidi’s a champ with art at FPS

Farragut Primary School first-grader Heidi Hill — described by her teacher, Jessica Stephens, as a “spunky little first-grader who has an enormous amount of love for her community” — was chosen among more than 1,000 fellow students to represent FPS last fall in the district-wide Knox County Schools’ Art Contest.

“Heidi entered the contest because she sold five coupon books and created a wonderful piece of artwork on how we are ‘Staying Stronger Together,’” Stephens said.

Art teachers Mary Catherine Adams and Molly Currin chose Heidi for the honor.

“We loved the originality of her work and how it relates to everything that is happening in our world now,” Adams said. “Her artwork consists of a multi-media assemblage of found objects, such as toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, yarn, googly eyes and cardboard.”

Heidi added paint and pen to complete her piece, and also chose for artwork characters to “all wear blue, because blue is one of the colors that represents the whole world,” the FPS youngster said.

When asked to explain what “Staying Strong Together” meant to her, Heidi said, “We should always be kind and loving to each other. We should stick together and love each other because it spreads around the whole entire world.”

“Heidi has the right idea, and we should all strive to stick together,” Adams said.

Contest winners were announced in December, with four Knox County Schools students winning in each grade.

As a participant, Heidi will be further honored at FPS by appearing on morning announcements and by receiving a poster of her artwork.

A separate poster of the artwork will be presented to the school, where it will be displayed “for all to see her incredible creativity,” Adams said.

Heidi is the daughter of Sean and Amanda Hill.