through the lens

It will be a while before Virtue Road reopens to through traffic — sometime well into 2022. This reconstruction project, at a cost of $2.865 million, combined with the cost of upgrading the facilities at McFee Park, around $8 million, represents the Town of Farragut’s two biggest on-going projects. Is the cost worth the price tag? Have Town officials been convincing in selling the benefits reaped from spending almost $11 million on these projects? If not both, is at least one of them worth the cost? Or is this a double slam dunk: money well spent to improve tough road conditions on Virtue, and money to eventually bring even more enjoyment to an already popular McFee Park? Tell us what you think by calling Presstalk (865-671-8255 TALK) or e-mailing (maximum 90 seconds or 250 words). Another option is to send a Letter to the Editor (give name and town/city of residence; maximum 600 words) to