First Ingles tenant

P3 Martial Arts to move

P3 Martial Arts will be the first tenant in the newly renovated “old” Ingles shopping center building.

Currently located in Village Green shopping center — where it has been for five years — P3 will be relocating to 11805 Kingston Pike “sometime in the not-too-distant future” according to owner Scott Bailey, who said the business simply outgrew its space.

“We began in 3,200-square feet in Village Green, then leased another 1,700 square feet,” he said. “We outgrew that and are now leasing almost 10,000 square feet in the Ingles shopping center.”

The “old” Ingles center, which housed a handful of businesses after Ingles built its new store a few hundred feet to the west and

opened in 2008, had fallen into disrepair until about two years ago, when its parent company began renovations spurred by Town officials.

An outside commercial real estate firm was contracted to rent the renovated space, but never got any traction until Town Mayor Ron Williams was able to contact one of the Ingles vice presidents, who finally got the ball rolling in 2020.

“We are sure looking forward to that business moving in,” Williams said. “I really think it will pique the

interest of other businesses, especially as (COVID-19) vaccines are becoming more readily available. “