Get ‘balanced, aligned’ at TC Good Feet Store

The Good Feet Store, 11389 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek, opened Tuesday, Feb. 10, to help improve the quality of people’s comfort.

“We’ve already got people calling and setting appointments, so things are looking very well so far,” district manager Rick O’dneal said. “We are America’s No. 1 arch support company. We help people get balanced and aligned.”

The Good Feet is a retail shop that carries orthotics products designed “to give people support through their arches, specifically in their feet,” he said.

O’dneal explained the products exercise and align the feet so they are in their ideal position, relieving joint pressure and pain.

“Everyone has four arches in their foot,” O’dneal said. “They have an inner longitudinal arch, outer longitudinal, metatarsal and a transverse arch. The arches are the body’s natural shock absorbers.

“Everybody’s weight should be right in the center of the arch,” he added. “If it’s not in the center of the arch, it can certainly cause pain in other extremities of their bodies.”

Feet “are the foundation, even though they only make up 2 percent of the body’s map,” O’dneal said. “It takes up the weight of the other 98 percent, so when the feet are not aligned … you can get pain in your feet, in your ankles, your knees and your back.

“We can take a picture of people’s feet” to see where the weight is distributed, he added. “We also measure the foot’s length and, of course, we are able to fit (the people with the supports) based on what their needs are … to what the ideal foot looks like.”

With more than 25 designs and 300 sizes, the Good Feet Shop uses a three-step method of products to get people’s feet aligned, said Serina Pugh, store manager. That includes strengthener, maintainer and relaxer.

The store also sells Brooks athletic and Revere shoes and socks.

“We’re also going to bring in our own line (of shoes) very soon as well,” O’dneal said.

He noted the supports will work in any shoe.

They stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons within the foot, O’dneal said, which gets “people balanced and aligned.”

He added the products have a lifetime warranty.

“We have been doing this for 30 years; from a retail perspective since 1992,” O’dneal said. “It’s proven that it works because it was scientifically tested. That’s why we feel very comfortable giving our warranty on our product.”

The store is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. While customers can simply walk into the store, they also can book an appointment online at or call the store at 865-671-0265.

About dealing with COVID-19, “We’ve got masks, clean everything, got rolling screens,” he said. “We were doing all these sorts of things before COVID.”