Love of product drives buy-out of Uncle Maddio’s

Laurie Lowe loved the pizza at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint so much, she bought the local franchise.

“I used to come down here and eat all the time, and I really liked the food,” Lowe recalled about the restaurant, 2052 Town Center Blvd. just off Northshore Drive. “I love hamburgers and I love pizza, and I like the option of a salad now and then to get my veggies.

“It really came down to I really just liked the food,” she added about the reason to purchase this Uncle Maddio’s. “It’s fresh, it appeals to all kinds of people because of the gluten-free and vegetarian options.”

The new owner of this Uncle Maddio’s already owned a franchise for seven Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Knox County, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, but “I really enjoyed this concept because I can have some salads.”

She took over ownership of the restaurant Monday, Feb. 1, adding some new management but retaining the team and the menu. Before that, the business had been operating about eight years.

“They had a good team in here, so it was an easy transition,” Lowe said, adding her focus is keeping the food quality and good customer service, as well as reach out and support the local schools.

Like Five Guys, she said all the ingredients are fresh, from the meats to the vegetables. Potential customers can see the ingredients on the serving line when they walk inside.

“We make own dough, we make our own sauces,” she said. “(The freshness) is a very important thing to me. (The menu) is also very friendly to vegetatarians.

“We have tofu, which is very unusual for places, gluten-free crusts ...,” Lowe added.

Customers have a choice of the signature pizzas created by a chef — such as The Big Max with tons of sausage, bacon and meat — or a mushroom truffle pizza.

They can create their own with three choices of crust, 42 choices of toppings, nine types of cheese and seven types of sauces. Sizes are kid’s, individual, large and extra large.

Other signature pizzas include barbecue chicken, supreme, “The Italian,” steak and blue and Buffalo chicken.

Hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday. Customers also can call in an order at 865-692-2426 or order online at