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• Dawn Kienzl, also known as “Mama K,” is a mover and shaker behind the scenes at Concord Christian School. She is truly a servant for our Lions athletics. I remember when she came on board with the CCS volleyball team. She was the VolleyWrite bookkeeper. She never missed a match or a tournament. Then she helped with our CCS football team. She carried water, washed uniforms and saw that every detail got done to perfection.

We see her help with our CCS basketball teams. Not only does she keep book for them, she buys meals, drinks and helps reconfigure the gym after every home game. The list goes on and on what “Mama K” does, and has done, for our school and athletics. Thank you Dawn Kienzl for your faithfulness at Concord Christian School. We love and appreciate everything you do!

• (In reference to a page 1A story in the Feb. 18 issue of farragutpress) This is the second time in February that Rural Metro (Fire) has complained that drivers have run over fire hoses. How many times has this happened in the past year?

Rural Metro needs to buy some protective ramps and deploy them after laying the hose, have a traffic manager or something else. Rural Metro needs to implement some simple fixes to this problem instead of blaming drivers for Rural Metro’s inattention to the problem.

• This is in reply to the suggestion in the Feb. 11 Presstalk. What a wonderful idea to have a family-oriented multi-use complex in Farragut instead of more apartments, stores, etc. We can certainly use a place where families, and especially teenagers, can go for different activities. Whomever sent in that suggestion should be on the Board! Thank you for having plain old common sense!

• I have lived in Farragut for over 25 years and have seen significant growth in the residential and commercial sectors. I am concerned that the growth appears to be accelerating with little or no limitations.

While many residents have expressed concern with traffic, schools and overall quality of life in our community, which are all valid, I have a question that I have not heard anything about. What is our current capacity to deal with the water and sewer increased demand?

What plans are in place to insure that the system is able to handle the demand? What plans, if any, are set to increase the current facilities to meet the ever growing growth?