letters to the editor

Tindal tips hat to letter writers for TCMC

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone in the community who has participated in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered – We Care campaign. Thanks to your efforts, the staff at Turkey Creek Medical Center have received more than 220 letters of encouragement to keep up the good work, and it means so much to them.

I’ve especially enjoyed reading over the notes and drawings from the school groups and children, and have been touched by the beautiful, handcrafted cards. I know seeing these cards displayed and reading the notes have made many weary hospital employees smile!

 The campaign to stuff our green mailboxes with love continues through the month of March, and I hope you’ll keep the letters coming. The final two campaigns have these themes:

·  March 1-15: We are proud of you;

·  March 16-31: True heroes wear scrubs.

 Letters that are left in the green mailboxes at Farragut Town Hall and Community Center will be delivered to Turkey Creek Medical Center – no postage required.

Our hospital staff, from the doctors and nurses to the cafeteria workers and custodial crew, deserve our support, so take a few minutes to let them know how much you appreciate them. Thank you.

Karen Tindal, Tourism coordinator

Town of Farragut