In-person May meets?

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams stated last week he believes in-person Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meetings may be able to resume next month.

Meetings have primarily been virtual in Farragut and most state municipalities since April 2020, under Gov. Bill Lee’s Executive Orders, which have been repeatedly extended during the pandemic — most recently allowing virtual meetings to continue through April 28.

Williams said Alderman Scott Meyer contacted him last week about his own plans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, coupled with a desire “to start meeting in person again.”

“With the availability of it now, I think most are getting (the vaccine) or have started getting it,” said Williams, who was among the first Town officials to be completely vaccinated. “I think by the end of April, or the beginning of May, most will have been able to get both shots. I’m talking about staff and elected officials.”

Farragut Community Center’s Assembly Room is expected to be the in-person meeting location, Williams has said.

“It has more room, and it is better able to be sanitized and disinfected than the Board Room,” he said, adding that the first BOMA meeting in May is scheduled for May 13.

There remains a likelihood that audience attendance will be limited, if Knox County guidelines remain in effect.