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• Concerning the article (May 6 issue) that refers to the devaluation of (former Farragut Mayor) Eddy Ford’s land by the (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Eddy Ford worked for this Town for 24 years —

eight years as vice mayor and 16 years as mayor. This is the most unethical thing I have ever seen in the history of this Town, and everyone that’s involved in downgrading the value of the Ford property should be ashamed. (Editor’s Note: “downgrading” is how the caller apparently references the Town’s initial rejection of the Ford property as suitable, based on developer Doug Horne’s plans, for a Town Center. Horne also is owner of Republic Newspapers, Inc., parent company of farragutpress).

• This Thursday, May 20, the Farragut Planning Commission will meet to discuss the Biddle Farms (Town Center) site plan. It is Agenda item No. 4. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. It will be held at the Farragut Community Center. ... Alderman Ron Pinchok tried to get a written commitment from the developer that in the two future development areas, that only single-family homes or condos would be build instead of more apartments. He was not successful in getting that written commitment. The public needs to request two deed restrictions to these two areas, to make sure apartments will not be built on them, and that only single-family homes or condos will be built in these areas.

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