High5 Solutions gives in-home help

Danielle Panzera of Farragut has launched her home-based business, High5 Solutions Knox, to help people with their errands and organizing challenges.

“I’m so excited being an owner of something I enjoy,” said Panzera, who helps people organize and/or downsize their homes, either before a move or simply to make their homes easier to manage. She also provides an errands service to do those tasks people cannot seem to fit into their busy schedules. She has clients as distant as Oak Ridge.

Before starting the business full-time in April, Panzera was a local bank branch manager and was “doing things on the side, but never full blown.

“Now I’ve decided to step out and do it 100 percent all the time,” she added.

During a 20-year banking career, Panzera observed, “I’ve worked so much for clients and listening to what keeps them up at night. They would tell you the No. 1 thing that happens with people is their homes become very full of memories, but it becomes cluttered.

“If it’s knick-knacks or it’s just baby clothes, whatever it is, they get very overwhelmed and they don’t know how to move forward, so I come in and help,” she added.

Another observation Panzera made is older clients are afraid to ask for help from family members.

“They feel, if they call on family members to help, then (family members) think ‘Oh, they’re downsizing. Maybe they want to move into a retirement facility,’ and (the clients) get very scared,” Panzera said, adding she also can help those clients, even with simple things.

For example, she related one client had difficulty reaching up to cabinets in her kitchen and needed things to become eye level.

“She just needed help bringing things down and downsizing,” said Panzera, who also can help first-time homeowners who do not know how to organize their things in a new home.

Additionally, as the mother of a child with special needs, she can help other parents of special needs children better organize their homes for their child.

“For me (organizing) has always been something that has been very simple since I was young,” Panzera said, recalling an aunt telling her, “‘Since you were 13, you always organized. You organized grandma’s house. You came in and always made sure everything put away.’

“I never thought of it as a talent; I just thought of it as, ‘It’s easy for me to organize and help, so .. why not do something for myself and do this (business)?’”

Panzera may be reached by calling 865-213-3100, by e-mailing high5solutionsknox@gmail.com or visiting online at www.high5solutions.com or Facebook at High5 Solutions Knox.