Bertolo promotes ‘Progress’ with healthy eating habits

Kim Bertolo of Concord is helping people navigate their eating habits with her new home-based business, Work in Progress Health Coaching.

“I help people to physically take control of their lifestyle and health,” said Bertolo, who provides “a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to discuss their goals for their health, help them to stay accountable and get off of the cycle of yo-yo dieting.”

As the yo-yo cycle demoralizes the dieter, she pointed out “everybody’s body is unique.

“There’s no one diet or way of eating that’s going to work for everyone,” Bertolo said. “I can help people who struggle with emotional eating and ‘functional eating disorders.’”

Additionally, she helps clients learn how to lose the 20 pounds doctors told them to lose “because a lot of times doctors don’t have the time to sit there and say ‘this is how you eat; this is how you should lose the 20 pounds.’”

That is where Bertolo can step in and help the client achieve that goal in baby steps.

“My goal is to guide you on your individual path to discover health, balance and peace in your complete circle of life,” she said.

“And, I support them through (the process),” Bertolo added. “You need that support system. I let my clients have my cell phone (number); they can text me if they’re having issues; they can e-mail me.”

Meetings can be virtual or in person. “We meet twice a month,” she said.

As an example, Bertolo said she will determine what vegetables the client likes, help with cooking classes, meditation, discuss relationships and stress management.

“Because the food on your plate is one thing, but you can be eating as healthy as anybody (but) if your stress level is through the roof, (the food the client eats) is not really going to matter because (the stress) is going to affect the body as well,” she said. “A lot of people don’t realize that.”

While Bertolo has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, “I’ve always known there was something more I was meant to do,” she said.

One night she prayed and asked for a sign, and the next morning, while looking on the Internet, Bertolo saw a post for The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a holistic program based in New York, to become a certified health coach. 

“I watched the (institute’s) video; I got goosebumps and said this is what I’m meant to do,” she recalled, subsequently getting her certification.

For a free health consultation, Bertolo can be reached by calling 865-951-8117 by e-mailing at or by visiting online at

“I absolutely, positively love it,” Bertolo added.

Along with her training, she also taps into her own past experiences when she had anorexia.

“There is a space where you have it and you can still hide what you are doing and function fine, but you’re not healthy, and your life isn’t in order, really, or balanced,” she said.