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• I thought the Letter to the Editor of Michael Wilson (May 20 issue) concerning the Board of Mayor and Aldermen matter about the (former Farragut Mayor) Eddy Ford property was very well written. I think Michael Wilson makes a great point about (Farragut Vice Mayor) Louise Povlin not trying to marginalize private citizens’ thoughts and comments. But also it reminds me of a great statement: “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Louise Povlin and (Farragut Mayor) Ron Williams and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen need to realize that they are public servants to everyone in Farragut; not just the homeowners, but also commercial landowners and multi-family landowners. They’re public servants for everybody.

• The Town of Farragut staff and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission need to work much harder to encourage development. They say they want retail development, commercial development; they need to work much harder. It’s too ornarous and difficult to get a project approved in Farragut. It takes way too long; there’s too much obstruction; there’s too many impediments to getting a commercial-type development going. That’s what the Town says they want. They need to have a retreat or seminar to figure out how to inspire people and help people more to get a commercial developement in Farragut. Look at all the development on (Highway) 321 in Lenoir City/Tellico (Village). Look at all that development that’s skipped over Farragut. We’ve got a lot of property on Kingston Pike that needs to be developed, particularly the lower part of Kingston Pike. And the Town of Farragut staff and Board of Mayor and Aldermen need to focus on that more, be more amenable to development. We’ve got a lot of Kingston Pike frontage that’s not developed. Lenoir City/Tellico Village ... go down and look at that; they’ve got a lot of sales tax and a lot of property tax coming in.

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