KCSO reports

• On Sunday, May 23, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit was dispatched to a call of an abandoned dog in a motel room located in a complex along Snyder Road. Complainant advised the resident in room 121 left around 10:30 p.m., Saturday, May 22. He said the blinds were partially open, and he did not see food or water left for the dog. Officer said he advised the water and food might be out of view, adding the owners could have made provisions for the dog. Officer agreed to call the motel manager regarding information on the dog owners. Reaching out to the motel staff member on the day shift, officer said a staff member advised he reached out to the owner earlier that day and owner said he would meet with the staff member “shortly,” the report stated. But he didn’t show up hours later. Officer took the owner’s information with the intention of making contact. At 7:28 p.m. officer said he attempted to call the owner, but had to leave a voice message.

That message included a warning about how the officer “would have to obtain a search warrant and make arrangements to remove the dog,” the report stated. The officer stated he called back almost 20 minutes later but got no response. At 8:25 p.m., officer arrived at the motel and spoke with the night front desk manager, who advised the owners had not been back to the motel in two days. Manager also advised “a U-Haul track was on the property, and he thought it had been there since the owners first arrived at the motel. Though the officer said he couldn’t legally enter the room, he would “post a notice on the door for the owner.” Manager said he wanted to go into the room and check to make sure there was food and water available. He entered the room, but then said, “‘There isn’t any food or water and the bathroom is covered in urine.’” The manager then accidently left the door open and the dog went out — and eventually was out of sight. Owner finally was contacted, saying his vehicle was totaled and that explained why he was away for so long. Owner said dog was 5 years old and had been abused most of his life. Manager advised owner and others staying in that room would be evicted, though he later reconsidered and said they could stay through the time already paid for the room. Dog was not found as of this report’s filing. Officer also forwarded a picture of the dog to the City Animal Control supervisor for him to distribute out to their Animal Control Division.