New Farragut elementary school planned

While the location has yet to be determined, Farragut looks to be in line for a new elementary school that would likely serve current and incoming residents of west Farragut.

As part of Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs’ 2021-22 fiscal year budget, Knox County Commission unanimously approved a $5 million appropriation for land acquisition under the Farragut Elementary Grades Solution.

Knox County Board of Education chair Susan Horn, who represents District 5, confirmed the BOE-approved funds in April for a land purchase, “but there’s nothing to report yet.”

Overcrowding at Farragut’s schools — especially among lower grades — has long been discussed by both officials and parents, as school properties have limited expansion options as the area continues to grow.

It is a problem that especially impacts Hardin Valley, Farragut and West Knox County as more and more residential neighborhoods are being constructed.

Plans to seek a new Farragut school option come at a time when a new school planned to help alleviate overcrowding in Hardin Valley has been delayed one year.

“There was an issue with Knox County procurement, and the Coward Mill Elementary School construction has been delayed by one year,” Horn confirmed.