letter to the editor

Understanding FUD irrigation schedule

I have the opposite opinion of the Blickenstorfers (Letter in June 3 issue) in regard to the FUD irrigation recommendations. I don’t find the recommendations draconian or incovenient at all. The letter from FUD puts irrigation practices of customers in focus and makes us think about how much we irrigate.

I find it very easy to change the irrigation schedule of my system, and if customers need help reprogramming their system, user manuals are out there (I found mine on the Internet) or an irrigation service can be called to help. Also, if rain is definitely on the way, the irrigation can be temporarily turned off.

I also think they are wrong about people ignoring the recommendations — many, if not most people, want to help, be good neighbors and not waste water.

As an aside, is excessive new development in California the only reason for water shortages there? California in specific and the West in general are in the midst of a terrible drought, with water shortages throughout contributed to by lack of rain, excessive temperatures and dramatically decreased Sierra Nevada winter snowfall.

I don’t have specific knowledge about California, but there must be demand for new development/houses there the same as there is here. The population keeps increasing and thus demand for housing goes up.

And don’t forget, almost assuredly, tens of millions of dollars in FUD upgrades would be passed on to consumers in the form of rate increases.

Craig Rylands, Farragut