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• I want to thank the Scouts who placed flags on veterans’ graves in Pleasant Forest Cemetery. It was such a nice surprise to find them there, and I know my husband would have appreciated that very much.

• I read the farragutpress story about the Boyd Station development (beginning on page 1A, above the fold, in our June 17 issue). The Town of Farragut Planning Commission insisted on a stub-out road into an adjacent property (owned by) Steve Williams. And I understand, Mr. Steve Williams did not want the stub-out road to his property because if he ever developed his property, then the Town of Farragut would want to require him to put a road through his property, coming out from the stub-out road. So that’s not a fair thing.

I know Mr. Williams is very upset; the Town of Farragut was taking advantage of his private property rights, so there could be some major legal problem here for the Town. They should not require stub-out roads to someone’s property that is not interested in a stub-out road to their property. So once again Farragut is taking advantage of running over people’s private property rights.