KCSO reports

• At 9:30 p.m., Saturday, June 19, Knox County 911 received a call from a man who said he was going to be in Washington, D.C., Saturday, July 3, and “if someone does not stop him, he is going to take care of the President,” a Knox County Sheriff’s Office Report stated. “The male stated he was next in line to be Pope and has been groomed for the Oval Office.” A KCSO unit responded to a Ferret Road address, which was the address of the caller. Officer spoke to complainant/suspect, who said he had called 911. “He seemed erratic and stated that he had an argument with his roommate,” the report stated. “I spoke to the roommate, who stated that no altercation had occurred.” The suspect “made no threats to harm himself or the President to me while on scene,” the officer added. Due to no observed evidence of suspect being an immediate threat to himself or others, no notification to Mobile Crisis was completed. United States Secret Service Agency was notified of the threats made during the 911 call.

• At 5:56 hours, June 19, a KCSO unit responded to a Parkside Drive address in reference to a disturbance. Complainant/victim said suspect came into the business to get his hair cut and was being rude to the employees. When the suspect sat down, he yelled at the victim and told her to shut up and cut his hair. When the complainant attempted to place a cape over the suspect, he grabbed the cape and threw it into the floor. The victim told the suspect to leave the store and not come back. “The suspect became irate and started yelling at the victim,” the report stated. The victim then called 911 and the suspect left the scene in a grey Chevrolet HHR. Victim was given a copy of the report number.

• At 8:23 p.m., Thursday, June 17, a complainant called the KCSO Teleserve Unit to report a burglary to his vehicle at a Sonja Drive residence. He discovered an unknown suspect had gained entry to his 2018 Toyota RAV 4 by damaging the gaskets on the driver’s side front and rear doors and taking items from inside the vehicle. Total value of loss was estimated at $200.

• At 10:34 p.m., Tuesday, June 15, officers responded to North Campbell Station Road address in reference to a person passed out in a vehicle. Eventual arrestee was on scene with an AMR medical unit when officers arrived and admitted to driving his 2021 KIA SPT, further saying he had consumed some CBD pills and it made him dizzy, so he pulled over in the parking lot. “Arrestee had bloodshot, watery eyes, muttered speech and had a smell of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person,” the report stated. Eventual arrestee agreed to submit to a battery of field sobriety tests, “to which he performed poorly on all parts,” the report stated. Arrestee was read the Miranda Warning and Tennessee Implied Consent form and agreed to submit a blood sample for chemical testing. AMR Medical Services responded and took a blood sample from the arrestee. Arrestee was taken into custody and transported to Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility. A citation was not issued because the arrestee was considered a danger to himself or others.