On track for fall opening

Concord Road widening

Tennesseee Department of Transportation remains on schedule for the Concord Road project.

“The widening of (State Route) 332 in Knox County is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2021,” Mark Nagi, TDOT Community Relations officer for Region 1 (East Tennessee), stated Friday, June 18.

“The contractor is progressing on the second phase of bridge construction and has currently set beams on two of the three spans,” Nagi added. “Crews will begin constructing the north abutment next week and will be setting beams on the last span once the abutment is constructed.

“Crews also will continue grading operations and installing storm drainage between Fairground Drive and Loop Road.”

Fighting off delays, “The Department and contractors across the state have worked diligently to maintain progress and keep projects ‘on track’ throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” Nagi stated. “Additional precautions were taken by both parties, as well as additional resources extended, to ensure crews and staff were equipped with proper personal protective equipment and provided safe working environments.

“Several common construction practices were also amended to accommodate for social distancing and adherence to changes in state and local policies and mandates,” he added. “Due to this diligent effort, work has continued to progress on the State Route 332 Concord Road Widening Project throughout the pandemic.

“This is not to say the project did not experience some impacts to staffing and production rates as a result of the pandemic, but that the overall schedule of the project has not yet shown significant impact or change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the community for their continued support, interest and understanding. ...”