New Town fiscal year means new Farragut Committee appointees

For the second consecutive meeting, Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen discussed and approved Town Committee appointments Thursday, June 24.

Mary Cook and Mary Nussbaum were re-appointed to the Education Relations Committee. Going forward, Nussbaum will be representing St. John Neumann Catholic School, as BOMA approved a charter change allowing for a voting representative from that school. It is the next step in Vice Mayor Louise Povlin’s intent to have representatives from all Farragut’s private schools, in addition to the public schools, serving on the ERC.

The charter change also adds a representative from the Farragut High School Education Foundation and adds two more youth representatives, one to represent each of the remaining high schools in Farragut (Concord Christian and Knoxville Christian schools.)

Other appointees confirmed at the June 10 BOMA meeting include:

• Arts and Beautification Committee (two-year terms): Mayor Ron Williams, Board representative; Marianne McGill; JoNell Kocisko; Brenda Seals; Bettye Newby; Michele Barker; and Annie Judkins;

• Plumbing, Gas Mechanical: (three-year terms): Kenny Scramlin and Stephen Byrd; (two-year term) Stephen Sloan;

• Board of Zoning Appeals: (five-year term) Alderman Scott Meyer;

• Education Relations Committee: Janet Morgan was appointed to take former member Nussbaum’s place as Farragut High School representative;

• Farragut Tourism Advisory Committee: (one-year term) Alderman Ron Pinchok, Board representative; (two-year terms) Darryl Whitehead, attractions representative; Julie Blaylock, retail representative; McGill and Deborah Pinchok, both at-large; (one-year terms) Wendy Robinson, Nicholas Blair, Riley Honken, all at-large members; and Alex Bhakta, lodging representative.

• Museum Advisory Committee (two-year terms): Williams, Steve Stow, Todd Klepper, Dot LaMarche, Henry Bird and Sue-Anne Hansler; (one-year terms) were Bill Battle, Lisa Hall and Kocisko;

• Parks and Athletics Council (two-year terms): Jeff Ullian, Yvonne Tharp, Mark Geller, Scott Russ, Randy Armstrong and Honken;

• Stormwater Advisory Committee (two-year terms): Jennifer Mayfield, Quaing He and Violet Freudenberg;

• Visual Resources Review Board (two-year terms): Layman, Jeannie Stow, Randy Armstrong and Stephen Marlowe.

In other business:

• BOMA approved on second reading an ordinance amending the Farragut Municipal Code pertaining to the Open Space Mixed Residential designation, requiring a concept plan be submitted in the future to consider any rezoning requests, showing the distribution of attached versus detached dwelling units.