Traffic study ahead for J-Towne Blvd,Grigsby Chapel Road

Farragut officials approved two traffic study agreements during the regular Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Thursday, July 8, which will help identify and possibly find resolutions to ongoing issues.

An agreement with CDM Smith Inc., costing $69,500, will look at traffic along the Grigsby Chapel Road corridor, while a separate agreement with Cannon & Cannon Inc., costing $16,000, will examine Jamestowne Boulevard.

Grigsby Chapel corridor

A follow-up study, after two Town discussions of Grigsby Chapel intersections with Fretz Road and St. John Court, was completed by Cannon & Cannon in April. It spurred BOMA to request an additional study of all intersections along the corridor.

Vice Mayor Louise Povlin also requested information regarding vehicle crash history along that roadway during the last three to five years.

Jamestowne Boulevard

BOMA had approved an agreement with Tennessee Department of Transportation in December 2020 to develop a traffic study of the roadway “that might encourage motorists to bypass the Kingston Pike/Campbell Station Road intersection, thereby providing an alternate route for eastbound left turns from Kingston Pike onto Campbell Station Road,” noted a report from Town engineer Darryl Smith. “Reducing the volume of this movement (and southbound right turns from Campbell Station to Kingston Pike) will improve overall efficiency of the intersection. Additionally, the study will consider pedestrian connectivity of Jamestowne Boulevard, as well as future extension of Jamestowne across the (former Mayor Eddy) Ford property onto Municipal Center Drive.”

The $80,000 study will be funded through the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization by a local and Surface Transportation Block Grant, which requires the Town only pay 20 percent of the study.

The entire amount was approved by BOMA, and $64,000 will be reimbursed “as work progresses,” the report stated.

In other business:

BOMA approved a charter change amendment for the Town Museum Committee, which increases the number of voting members from 9 to 11, and also increases the number of non-voting youth members from 1 to 3.

Mayor Ron Williams re-appointed Farragut Municipal Planning Commissioners Noah Myers and Jon Greene to the FMPC, as their terms were up. They will join new appointee Shannon Preston and youth representative Henry Standaert, who was selected via application process June 17, at this week’s FMPC meeting Thursday, July 15 beginning at 7 p.m.