West End intersection change

Based on findings from a traffic study conducted earlier this year, a new traffic pattern has been established at the intersection of West End Avenue and Kingston Pike, designed to help alleviate traffic after Knox County Schools kick off the new school year Monday, Aug. 9.

Assistant Town engineer Brannon Tupper stated in an e-mail, “During the spring semester, the Town’s engineering department conducted a traffic study focused around the middle, intermediate and high schools.

“One improvement identified was to the lane assignments on West End Avenue for traffic departing the schools,” he added.

“As of Thursday, July 15, the lane assignments changed from a combined thru-right movement with two dedicated left-turn lanes, to a dedicated right, combined thru-left and a dedicated left.”

Tupper also noted new signs and pavements markings to alert drivers of the changes have been installed.

“More signs will be installed overhead (this) week,” Town engineer Darryl Smith said.

The changes were implemented several weeks prior to the commencement of the new school year to help motorists become familiar with the changes.

“We believe this new traffic pattern will help to alleviate congestion for vehicles departing the school, especially in the afternoon,” Tupper added.