KCSO police reports

• At 10:10 p.m., Friday, Aug. 6, A Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to a Kingston Pike address in reference to an assault. Victim/suspect and her boyfriend, male victim/suspect, said they had been assaulted by several people behind the business. The couple said they came to confront the other parties involved over a dispute online. While AMR was treating the “female 1” and “male 1” victim/suspects, the other parties involved arrived back at the location. Two male victim/suspects, “male 2 and male 3,” and one female victim/suspect, “female 2,” also agreed they came to the location to confront each other.

Female 1 said male 2 struck her first, starting the a fight between all parties, and at some point in the fight female 2 struck female 1 “several times in the face,” the report stated. Male 2 said female 1 struck him first, “causing the fight,” the report added. “All parties were given a report number and advised of how to pursue charges in this matter.” Female 1 and male 1 were transported to UT Medical Center to be treated for injuries.

• At 5:51 p.m., Aug. 6, an officer “located a suspicious vehicle (2007 Dodge Charger) in the back parking lot of 11717 Campbell Lakes Road ...,” his report stated. “This area is known for frequent drug activity, and the vehicle began to leave once the driver noticed law enforcement presence.” Officer initiated a stop in the parking lot and a female driver exited the vehicle.

“I detected an odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle. I made contact with passenger … and instructed him to exit the vehicle,” the report also stated, but he “ignored my instruction and instead placed his right hand in his pant pocket. I grasped his wrist to remove it from his pocket, and he forced his hand further in his pocket.

“I drew my weapon out of concern for my safety and instructed (suspect) lay on the ground. (Suspect) again refused my commands and physically resisted as I attempted to apply wrist restraints,” the report further stated. “I placed the arrestee on the ground and he attempted to physically free himself from my control.”

A K9 0fficer responded and assisted in the arrest. Upon searching the arrestee, “a plastic baggie containing 2.5 grams of suspected marijuana” was discovered, “as well as a folding knife in his pockets.” Female suspect “was causing a disturbance and yelling in the parking lot,” the report also stated. While attempting to apply wrist restraints …, she forcefully pulled her left arm away from my grasp.” She also was taken into custody.

Upon searching the vehicle, “I located two used narcotic syringes in the center console in reach of both arrestees,” the report also stated. “I also located a black pouch containing additional syringes and a clear baggie containing approximately 1 gram of suspected crystal meth.” Further investigation revealed both individuals had drug- and traffic-related warrants in Ohio (no extradition).

The vehicle was transported to Cedar Bluff Towing.

• At 9:21 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 4, a complainant called KCSO Teleserve Unit to report a 2020 Dodge Ram1500 was stolen from U-Haul of Farragut, 10833 Kingston Pike. Value of truck was listed at $50,000. Complainant said the vehicle was rented out to the suspect Friday, July 30, with the intent of bringing it back to the facility the next day. Complainant said he has tried to contact the suspect on several occasions with no answer.

Complainant said he believes he is blocked on his cell phone from trying to reach the suspect. Complainant said on Aug. 4 he went to the suspect’s listed address and was advised by the suspect’s mother the suspect will not be returning the vehicle.

• A complainant called KCSO Teleserve Unit at 7:15 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 3, to report the theft of items a 11535 Kingston Pike (The Fresh Market). Complainant said between 4 and 4:15 p.m. she was shopping when she noticed her wallet was missing from her purse while getting her cellphone out to get a recipe. Complainant advised she had placed her wallet in her purse prior to going into the store. Value of loss was listed in the report at $545, with $400 of that total in cash.

• At 11:10 a.m., Sunday, Aug. 1, an officer “was working secondary employment at Concord United Methodist Church, 11020 Roane Drive,” when he was “notified by church staff that the catalytic converter had been removed from a church-owned vehicle,” his report stated.

“I did observe the catalytic converter had been cut from the church’s” Ford E-350 van, with a value of loss estimated at $2,000. “It is believed the theft occurred during the pervious night by an unknown suspect. A rechargeable battery and saw blade were recovered at the scene and collected by forensics officer.”

The senior minister of the church was notified.