Back to School, 2021-22. Hello, yet goodbye

  • The Smith family, from left: mom Brooke; Eli Grace, 11, Ella Ruby, 1st grade; Emma Kate, 10, and dad, Chad.

  • From left, Emy Garrett (7, 2nd grade); mom, Carrie and brother, Grant, 4.

  • Diane and Adam Sursa with daughter, Ansley, 6, 1st grade.

  • Dan and Nikki Hickman with, from left, 8th-grader Nate, 2nd grader Graham and kindergartener Sadie

  • Emily Kerr, 2nd grade, and dad Josh Kerr

  • Meagan and Joshua Brown with daughter, Adley, 6, 1st grader.

  • Amy Harrison holds Sophia, 4, with Chloe 6, 1st grade.

  • Britton Barcroft, 1st grader, with sister, Alivia Barcroft, kindergarten.

Farragut Primary School started the 2021-22 school year early Monday morning, Aug. 9, some with nervous expressions from some students, and bright smiles from others, as they were accompanied to school by their parents.

New principal Lynn White’s smiling face greeted children and their family members as they walked up to the door. While hoards of parents walked their children to school, others with older children drove up to the door. Many other children rode the bus.

White said she expects nearly 1,000 students to be enrolled this year.

“All the (Farragut) schools have lots of children coming to school,” she added.