Taking issue, in 5 parts, with Aug. 19 Letter

After reading the letter from Mary Phillips (Aug. 19 issue) I felt I had to respond, because much of what she asserts is either unknown or simply not true. 

1. We don’t actually know if there really is a Delta variant. When the deputy White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was asked how they test for it, her response was that “they are the experts and we trust them.” As fast as coronaviruses mutate, we are probably way past a Delta variant. We may have even passed the Omega variant.

There is no test.

2. In decades there has never been a successful vaccine developed for any coronavirus. There’s a reason for that. The viruses are very unstable and they mutate faster than rabbits reproduce. But we are supposed to believe that in nine months that three different companies developed vaccines that are 90-to-95-percent effective in preventing COVID-19. Pardon me if I’m just a little bit skeptical. 

3. For all we know, the vaccine could be what is making people susceptible to COVID, “whatever variant we are up to.” After all, the FDA only approved the vaccines as experimental.

4. She mentioned the test. Has anyone asked why they are still testing for COVID when the CDC has admitted that the PCR test can’t tell the difference between COVID, the flu and the common cold? Why is anyone performing tests and why is anyone bothering to get tested?

5. Ms. Phillips asserts that the unvaccinated are going to die. That simply isn’t true. The vast majority of those who become infected make a complete recovery. Even in nursing homes the majority get better.

I’m sorry that Ms. Phillips and her loved one are sick, and I wish them a speedy recovery. I feel even more sorry for her because she is living in fear and she is projecting that fear on to others. I hope she can find her way out of her fear.

In the meantime, hopefully others will not succumb to the fear she is projecting.

We need to think sensibly about this.

~ Grant King, Mascot