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• The Farragut (Municipal) Planning Commission’s workshop recently held concerning higher density, multi-family (dwellings) and apartments is interesting to me.

I wonder if the Board of Mayor and Aldermen — and the two members of the Board that’s on the Planning Commission, Mayor (Ron) Williams and (Vice Mayor) Louise Povlin — I wonder if they’ll decide that they don’t want homes in Farragut under a certain price range. We probably have too many homes in the upper range. What about if they decide they don’t want homes below $350,000?

Also, what if the Board and its two members on the Planning Commission decided they didn’t want any more churches? I wonder if they would say, “you know, we’ve got too many churches in Farragut, we don’t need any more, so we’re going to do an amendment to the Ordinance (stating) ‘no more churches and no more houses below a certain price range.’” What is going to happen is Farragut is going to be sued for discriminatory housing practices in the future, I would say, because we don’t have enough affordable housing. So I think they’ll be sued by someone that wants to do affordable housing. We’re not an elite, “better than everyone else” community. We’re supposed to be a diverse community, or is that not what America is all about? Think about it.