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• In the Aug. 26 farragutpress, there’s a (page 1A) story, “No more apartments is the FMPC workshop call.” That’s not correct. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is only a guide, it is not a Farragut ordinance. For this headline to be accurate, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan would have to be voted on by the Mayor and Aldermen into an ordinance.

We encourage that — we hope that happens — but the headline just isn’t accurate. Right now the Comprehensive Land Use Plan has no teeth; it’s symbolic, it’s a guide, it’s not binding. So, I would hope that there would be a follow-up article on this to talk about the need to make the Comprehensive Land Use Plan an ordinance.

(Editor’s Note: perhaps the misunderstanding here is caused by using the headline word “call,” which could be taken to mean decision, hence, FMPC “deciding” to create an ordinance, which that body has no power to do. Frankly, a better descriptive word to more accurately capture what FMPC did would have been “view.” Various Commissioners simply shared their views on the matter. Headlines, by the way, are not the responsibility of the story’s author, but the responsibility of the editor).

• I’m a newer Farragut resident, and I have enjoyed receiving and reading the farragutpress. However, I was extremely disappointed when I saw the opinion (letter) penned by Mary Phillips (Aug. 19 issue). While I understand that it was in the “Opinion” section, many readers may miss that. And for such a polarizing issue, why was the opposing opinion not given the equal amount of space, right next to it? Grant King’s response (Aug. 26 issue) didn’t get the big spread that Mary’s did. Opinions about medical issues should not be published, period. And no one except a physician should be telling people what to do, period. I find it irresponsible that her article was published, and I hope that you decide differently in the future.