KCSO reports

• At 2:02 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 29, a Knox County Sheriff’s Office unit responded to a North Monticello Drive residence in response to a domestic disturbance. Complainant, who turned out to be the eventual arrestee, said he had been struck by a cane in the back of the head by his ex-wife. Eventual arrestee said “he was trying to leave the residence when the victim attempted to grab his cell phone, which is when he turned and grabbed her by the wrist,” the report stated.

He said she proceeded to hit him with her cane after he grabbed her. Eventual arrestee had no visible injuries to the back of his head. He said the victim was upset that he had made the decision to pack his belongings and leave. Victim said she and the arrestee had been in an argument about him not paying his lease. While the eventual arrestee was in the garage, the victim said she attempted to put a piece of paper in the arrestee’s pocket containing the expenses he owed her when he grabbed her by the wrist and attempted to throw her to the ground. Victim said this is when she proceeded to hit him with her cane in self-defense.

“Victim had visible, fresh bruising along her right forearm that was consistent with her statement,” the report stated. Eventual arrestee “had a small laceration on the top of his left hand that he said occurred when he was loading his belongings into his car.” AMR responded to the scene. Arrestee was taken into custody without incident and was transported to Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility. Victim refused medical treatment but accepted transportation to a safe location.