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• I’m a little frustrated to find out that the detour for Virtue Road is being repaved. This is not good planning. How in the world do you do a paving project on a detour road?

I wish the Town of Farragut would communicate with its citizens better and let them know that this was a possibility. I don’t think any group of citizens would have been happy with this. This is just not good planning.

• In response to the recent Mary Phillips letter (Aug. 19 issue) and the Grant King response (Aug. 26 issue), perhaps she exaggerated her comment about unvaccinated will die, but his comment about COVID mutating faster than rabbits multiply is much the same. More serious are his clear misstatements about, 1, the vaccine maybe making people susceptible to COVID, that’s just utter nonsense; No. 2, not having a test for the (Delta) variant is not part of the routine testing for presence of COVID, but is a separate (inaudible) test to identify the relevant statistical samples for evaluation of the response. I don’t know, but I don’t think that the person being tested ever finds out what variant he has; No. 3, saying PCR can’t distinguish between COVID and the flu is another clear misstatement, while the other tests are now capable of telling you which disease you have among COVID, flu and RSV. The PCR clearly reveals if there’s presence of COVID ... farragutpress should fact-check such ridiculous comments.