‘Sew’ nice: Knoxville Area Quilting Friends give back

A local quilting group doubled down on output, even during a pandemic, and recently made a generous donation to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Knoxville Area Quilting Friends, which has a core group of around two dozen members, made about 55 quilts since January and recently presented those to ETCH courtesy of group administrator Debbie Anders and members Dottie Godolphin and Robin Brothers.

“What a sweet group of ladies,” said Cheryl Allmon, ETCH director of Volunteers Services and Programs. “They were so enthusiastic when they brought in the quilts they made, and you could tell they were all made with love.  

“The ladies told me they prayed over each one. which made it even that much more special,” she added.

“All of the donated quilts will be given to patients at ETCH. When a child comes into the hospital, it is an extra layer of comfort when they have a beautiful quilt to put on their bed. It makes it a bit more like home.”

Anders said about 20 additional quilts from the group were donated to Shriner’s Hospital after they were given to Shriner Bill Walton, an elder at Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church where the quilting group holds it monthly meetings.

The quilts were just one of three community projects undertaken by KAQF since January. The others include sewing reusable sanitary pads for women in Kenya and sewing Quilts of Valor for current or former members of the military.

“We have a remarkable group,” Anders said. “I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, we are doing what the good Lord wants us to do.”

For one thing, “all of our materials have been provided,” Anders also pointed out.

“God has been providing everything to us. I get chills just thinking about it.”

The group also has five members who own long-arm quilting machines, each stitching the finished quilt tops.

“We are just very blessed,” Anders said.

“I like to say, ‘God, you keep providing and we will keep plugging along.’”