Brush stokes of love

Gudala puts her passion on display while helping raise funds

  • Farragut High School junior Abhikhya “Abhi” Gudala puts the finishing touches on one of her paintings to be donated. - Photo Submitted

  • Horses are a common theme, as they evoke inspiration for Gudala. - Photo Submitted

  • Farragut High School junior artist Abhikhya “Abhi” Gudala’s painting, Moon Spirit, was donated to Knoxville Dogwood Arts Festival this year. - Photo Submitted

Farragut High School junior Abhikhya “Abhi” Gudala is using her artistic talent to give back to her community.

The paintings she creates are donated to non-profit organizations as a way to raise funds. She has given her talents to such organizations as Dogwood Arts Festival; Aim For Seva (service), an Indian organization; and most recently an auction item for Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce’s annual auction Thursday, Sept. 16.

“Creativity is very important to me and using imagination to interpret the world in new ways,” said Gudala, daughter of Sekhar Gudala and Durga Bezawada and sister of Aahlaad Gudala. “I’ve always had a passion for art and helping the community, so this was one way I could also tie them together and help people.

“For paintings I’m doing now, they’re going to auction.”

“I am so proud of her,” Gudala’s mother said. “Not only is she good in school, but she is following her passion and donating it for good causes, helping the community.”

At FHS, Gudala is a member of the National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, Science Club and HOSA. She also is an ambassador member of Girl Scout Troop 20373.

Gudala’s favorite mediums are oils, a way for her to capture realism, and watercolor, which is free and expressive. Although she has been painting since she was 4, she started her non-profit venture last November when she turned 16. The idea was spurred by her involvement in FHS’s NAHS.

“One of the qualifications of being a member is having very good service skills, so this is a way I could do both,” Gudala said. “And I’ve been inspired by a lot of people around me who have helped me, including my mother, and there’re three teachers at FHS: Angela McCarter, Morgan McClanahan and Wendie Love.

“They are my art teachers and they helped me pursue my passion in a new way,” she added, noting her Cedar Bluff Elementary School teacher Jenny Hardin and Girl Scout leader Gina Woods also supported her.

Gudala’s service does not end with her art and scouting. She also teaches art classes at Farragut Community Center, volunteered for Shop Farragut’s Dog Daze V and helped children at the Town of Farragut’s Art Fest Sunday, Sept. 12. She also helps with an art program for autistic children at the Community Center and at The Muse.

She also takes piano lessons.

However, art will be taking a back seat as a lifelong hobby when Gudala is ready for college. While she hasn’t chosen a college, she plans to pursue the STEM field and major in biomedical engineering.

But she is looking to work for commission with her art.