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In Vice Mayor (Louise) Povlin’s (Letter to the Editor) last week, she asserts that it is inaccurate to say the Mixed-Use Town Center portion of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted into the C-1 Zoning Ordinance. Yet, clearly the requirements are found in C-1, Paragraph F. Further, she states that these requirements only apply to the C-1 zoning district.

However, the Planned Commercial Development District also refers to C-1, Paragraph F when discussing high-density residential in the MUTC. There is no other portion of the Zoning Ordinance that contains the codifying language of the MUTC. Further, the R-6 Multi-Family Residential Zoning District requires site plans to comply with all Town plans. The MUTC language, regardless if it is in the CLUP or Ordinance, dictates how high-density residential could be built in the MUTC.

The Vice Mayor also stated the landowners had the right to request the rezoning and tabling a vote would be a violation of their rights. Based on her comments, the Town of Farragut should never table a future vote on a rezoning issue unless requested by the applicant. Does this mean all previously tabled votes were illegal? I doubt Town attorney (Tom Hale) would advise the BOMA or FMPC that they cannot “table” a vote for good reasons. This is the third time in a month that different Town leaders have vested time attacking the members of the (Farragut Citizens for Responsible Growth and Development) versus responding to our calls for a collaborative approach to current issues.

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