‘Kingston Pike Subarea’ next area of CLUP consideration

Farragut’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan steering committee reconvened last week, and will take part in a “field trip” Monday, Oct. 11, to study the “Kingston Pike Subarea,” which is the committee’s next area of evaluation.

Members will meet on the east side of the old Ingles parking lot and will leave on foot at 9 a.m. They are scheduled to make a loop, walking along Boring Road and Smith Road as the next step in the process.

Led by Community Development director Mark Shipley, the Committee started on the topic Wednesday, Sept. 29 in Town Hall, during which members discussed the current zoning and uses of the subarea, which begins just west of Ingles, and extends eastward to Campbell Station Road, then north encompassing Village Green subdivision and several other neighborhoods.

Both residential and commercial properties exist in the focus area. “Zoning considerations include whether changes may be needed (to potentially both the map and text) to reflect the Future Land Use Map and community Vision,” Shipley stated in a power point presentation during the hour-long meeting.

“Land Use concepts and considerations include transitioning, increasing connectivity, infrastructure and deciding on desired mix of uses — particularly housing options and whether to encourage liner buildings and more neighborhood scale development along the Kingston Pike Corridor in this area,” Shipley added.

The group also made preliminary plans for a community workshop to be tentatively scheduled later in October.