As TML 2nd Vice Mayor, Williams wins election

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams has been elected second vice mayor of Tennessee Municipal League board of directors.

He was sworn in during TML’s annual conference in Chattanooga Saturday-Tuesday, Sept. 18-21. Williams, who was third vice president last fiscal year, is in line to serve as president.

A member of TML since 2016, “There are constantly things happening we try to keep up with – it’s not just while (the General Assembly is) in session – it’s actually all year long,” Williams (see photo on right) said about the TML office he now holds.

“There is a lot of information sent out of Nashville, and I try to be the facilitator of it, as far as getting it out to the other elected officials around the area and also to constituents who I have e-mail addresses for who want to know the information,” he added.

“So … they primarily will contact you concerning impeding legislation that would affect your city. We have a (TML) lobbyist, but we also have Anthony Haynes, who is our director .... and is a really good negotiator.”

Town of Farragut also has its own lobbyist, Chuck Layne. “Between (Layne) and Ted Jenkins with TML, we’re able to keep up with what’s going on pretty well,” Williams said.