An FBC/CCS light-sound expansion defense

(Concerning) the article about the lighting project at First Baptist Concord and Concord Christian School (page 1A, Sept. 30 issue): There are plenty of neighborhoods next to or near schools, and those schools have lights and sound systems and marching bands and such.

It’s the church’s and school’s land and they can do with it what they need to to enhance their sports programs. The school is growing as are the sports programs, and they can’t always play during the day.

One citizen said the church did not hold up many promises. I don’t really believe that because our church has a lot of integrity. I’m sure there have been many discussions about the fields and how it affects the neighborhood, but they’ve said they are trying to put up lights that will not glare on the neighborhood and putting in a sound system that will not be too loud for the neighbors.

First Baptist Concord and Concord Christian School are great places, and would not do anything deliberate to anger neighbors or bother them with noise and lighting.

I am all for this because it will draw more people to our church and school, and the goal of the church and the school is to spread the Gospel through any means.

~ Michael Burtch, Farragut