‘Gifts of love:’ ERC to Farragut teachers

Concerned for Farragut public school teachers, as they have recently been navigating what has become a difficult year, Farragut’s Education Relations Committee will be working next week to shower them with love, thanks and treats.

Committee member Mary Nussbaum made the suggestion late last week to her fellow ERC members, and immediately received an outpouring of support.

“I have spoken with numerous teachers that are at their max, and even heard of a few that have resigned in the past week,” Nussbaum wrote in an e-mail. “I know it isn’t much, but how do you all feel about getting together and making some treat bags for some teachers?”

Committee members, including Wendy Stiles, Vice Mayor Louise Povlin, Mandy Kincaid, Mary Cook and Michelle Morrow offered their assistance and support.

“I think this is a great idea and much needed,” said Kincaid, who also is a Farragut Primary School teacher. “I am an evaluator this year and a mentor and have had people cry on me each day when I do their check in. Many people will not be back next year, and we have already lost three teachers at (Farragut) Intermediate School. Anything we can do to help spread some joy would be greatly appreciated.”

After a bit more discussion, the goal was set to provide something for each teacher in every Farragut school.

Donations are welcome.

The group will meet at Town Hall Tuesday, Oct. 19, to assemble the treat bags. Anyone wishing to make a donation of items, cash or gift cards may do so during business hours at the front desk by 4 p.m., Monday, Oct. 18.

“I would love individually wrapped snacks and anything cheerful ... notepads, pencils, pens, stickers, etc..” Nussbaum said. “I think it is important for the staff to know that the Town is behind them, and not just the Parent Teacher Associations.”