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• Like many of my friends and relatives, I had grown tired of the pompous attitude and seemingly unprofessional tweets of our previous president, and these things influenced my vote.

However, I would have never believed how much our country would pay for this misguided vote. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that things could get this bad this fast. Absolutely nothing being done about the open border, the Afghanistan fiasco, forcing citizens to take vaccines, runaway inflation, the list goes on. I’m not sure what the gameplan is, but I truly regret voting the way I did, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. My humblest apologies to everyone for my part in this mess.

• While probably a hundred percent of us would prefer not to wear masks in school or anywhere else, and there may be some small effects to kids in developmental stages, (a Oct. 7 presstalk) caller certainly exaggerated the situation by saying it should terrify every parent in Farragut and Knox County. And to refer to that as “court-mandated child abuse” is ridiculous in an effort to try and save lives, whether you agree with (Judge Ronnie Greer’s) decision or not.

• After reading (the Oct. 7) issue of farragutpress concerning the First Baptist Church Concord’s wish to put lights up on their ballfields that would apparently intrude into several neighborhoods — and there’s also concern about loudspeakers — I’m a little concerned, because it seems as if someone has (discovered) the church made an agreement with these neighborhoods, and yet they want to renege on it. During the (Town Staff/Developer) workshop last week, several concerns were brought up by members of the Town about, ‘OK, if this kind of lighting is approved for private ballfields to benefit First Baptist (Concord), what about the other private schools that are here locally?’ … What if other churches down Kingston Pike that have large lots would like to put in private ballfields that are also next to, or in, subdivisions? … Think about how you would feel if one of those churches was near you and they decided to do the same thing. … If you’re not (in favor of this), stand up for the right thing and ask FBC to honor their commitments.