Better branding of Concord Village with sign facelift

  • Keith Kail, area resident and employee of Modern Woodmen (which funded the project), works on the Historic Concord sign he and some volunteers recently refurbished. - Photo submitted

  • Volunteers helping with the refurbishing project include, from left, Jeffrey Goodman, project leader Keith Kail, Jennifer Slack, Alex Kail and Branton McCann. Not pictured is Aaren Kail. - Photo submitted

A sign marking historic Concord Village recently received a much-needed facelift, thanks to resident Keith Kail, his company, WoodmenLife, and a handful of volunteers.

Kail, who lives at the corner of Loop and Olive roads in the historic district, said he “walks that whole area all the time,” and noticed the wooden sign’s gradual deterioration.

It had been placed by local Boy Scouts in 2016 along Lake Ridge Drive near Clay Street in front of Concord Presbyterian Church “and I noticed it was getting derelict,” he added. “It looked really weathered and gray.”

Kail has worked for not-for-profit WoodmenLife for 23 years, and in that time many company-funded community projects have been provided through WoodmenLife Giving Together, so he asked for help with this one.

“Over 600 project were funded nationwide this October by the home office, up to $500 per project,” he said.

Once WoodmenLife approved the project and provided the budget, Kail removed the sign and over a five day process sanded, stained and applied a new coat of lacquer to it.

He and five volunteers — including his children, Alex Kail and Aaren Kail, along with Jeffrey Goodman, Jennifer Slack and Branton McCann — worked Sunday, Oct. 3, in the rain, re-installing the sign and removing the overgrown landscaping.

The budget also allowed Kail to take the crew out for a celebratory supper at Daddy Mac’s. “We might add back some landscaping another day,” he said.

It’s not the first time Kail has worked to improve the Concord community, where he has lived for more than five years.

“Two years ago, I did the Concord Little Library Beautification project,” he said. “I’m just trying to help keep Concord a neat little place since I live here.”