• From left are Lauren Fletcher, Brittany McCormick and Dawn Garfield - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Will Leopold and Jessi Wolbert - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Philip Jacobs and wife, Ruth Jacobs with Bucky, left, 7 months, and Lola, 6 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Beth Florek holding her nephew, James Schoudel, 13 months, alongside Beth’s son, Allen, 4. In back is David Florek, Beth’s husband and Allen’s dad - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Joey and Thomas Wenning with children, from left, Lily, 1, Elena, 7, Ava, 8, Wesley, 5, and Cece, 3 - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Waclaw Koneczny on the accordian - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • From left, Chris Komonchak, Hindira DeLima and Audra Ebel - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Kay Watson, Alzheimers Tennessee Special Projects official, who checked in families - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs officials with Buckeye, 9, are, from left, Kaye Noble, Jennifer Belle, Trent Steele, Larry Scheetz, and Kim McGrew and husband, Michael McGrew - Photos by Tammy Cheek

  • Standing, from left, are Gail and Jason Cowin, with their children, Hailey (white T-shirt) and Alyssa (orange). Standing on the right are Camron Ghanemi and, daughter, Layla, with her mom and Camron’s wife, Shima Ghanemi, sitting, and son, Cyrus - Photos by Tammy Cheek

With Mind Yer P’s & Q’s making Oktoberfest a three-day event, scores of families each day found time between the raindrops to enjoy laughs, great food and beverages and, for the adults, a variety of musical entertainment — while the children enjoyed inflatable slides and a bounce house — on the front grounds of

Renaissance | Friday through Sunday, Oct. 1-3. An Alzheimer’s Tennessee official was on hand to promote

improved mental health while manning the payment entrance.

Nearby, officials representing Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs got the word out about competitive dock-diving dogs, which has become an annual Southeastern regional competition in Farragut in mid-August. A portion of the proceeds went to both non-profits.