Citizens’ input time for Boring Road corridor

Town of Farragut will conduct a community workshop — open to the public — from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, to solicit input on the Boring Road corridor, the southern portion of Smith Road from Boring Road to Kingston Pike and to the west along each side of Kingston Pike to Virtue Road.

The workshop, to be held in Town Hall Community Room, 11408 Municipal Center Dr., will provide walk-up stations where participants will be encouraged to make comments and record their visual preferences for transitional areas and building scale and placement, according to a Town press release.

“Visioning workshops give community members the ability to shape Farragut’s future development by providing feedback that will be used to make land use decisions,” the release continued.

It is the next step in the process as officials, staff and Comprehensive Land Use Plan advisory committee members have been working on updating the CLUP and Future Land Use map.